Frequently asked questions

With our assistance and document process, our clients have had great success with foreclosures, bankruptcies, medical bills, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, credit card debt, inquiries, late payments, old addresses, judgements, tax liens and student loans.  

Items cannot come back as long as the item is current or paid at the time of removal or if the collection is older than three years.  This holds true except in very rare circumstances.  

There are two sides to the credit score battle.  Sometimes, the creditors and the credit bureaus have done absolutely everything right and we have no case against them.  On average, clients are able to remove 80% of the negative items from a credit report.  

Through our services, 93% of our clients see their credit score increase 10 points or more in the first 35 days.  Over the full 180-day term of the service, the average credit score increase is 102.7 points.

We have different packages that are tailored to the needs of all clients.  For a break down of costs, please contact us.  

Yes, we provide Credit Repair Services for residents nationwide (unless a restriction applies in a specific state).  Some of our clients are deployed overseas and use our services while out of the country.

Though you do sign a customer contract, they do not have mandatory service terms.  We strictly provide a monthly service that you may canccel at anytime.  Please remember, we only bill you once we have already worked on your service for any given month.  Just like a water or utility provider, you are liable for your final months payment after cancelling our service.  

Yes, simply select “here”.  You will be contacted within 112 business hours by a Representative to gather additional information, review your credit reports, and determine a plan of action. This is also a great time to ask any questions. We will collect payment information ONLY if you decide to start service after reviewing your credit report.